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Your Bitcoin tipping service for live video content!

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Why BitCoin

Bitcoin Soverignty

With Bitcoin, your finances are completely soverign. Your money is your own. There is no bank, and no company that can get between you and your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Protection

All confirmed Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. The transactions are binding once they are posted to the Bitcoin network. Your Bitcoins are yours and usable immediately. There is no 180-day 'chargeback' fear.

Why CoinJerk

CoinJerk "Wallet"

CoinJerk does not host your wallet. A wise man once said, "If you control the Bitcoin keys, it's your Bitcoin." With CoinJerk, you are in complete control of the Bitcoin keys.

CoinJerk Source

CoinJerk is completely open-source code, with an MIT license. At any time any user can review code used on CoinJerk to audit your Bitcoin security. If you do not feel secure using official CoinJerk servers, you are also free to host your own CoinJerk server.